An Asian wedding has always been a poignant mark of tradition and ethnic semblance. From the dresses to the ornaments, the ornate decorations are what sets these weddings apart from others. There may be a passing thought that these weddings, therefore, may not make way for customization and modernisation. But those days are long gone. The Asian weddings of this era are fine tuned to accommodate fashionable ethnic wear and stylistic ornaments. The Asian wedding dresses are now a sublime mix of ethnicity and designer-grade.

Bridal Fashion

The generic touch of Asian wedding dresses have taken a new look and are now in fashionable taste. Our collection of Asian wedding dresses ranges from gowns and lehengas to veils, lace skirts and shararas. Not only that, thematic dresses are also available in our catalogue of ethnic wear which are available for both the bride and the groom.

The latest designer-produced dresses are now available on Knotify. The Asian wedding dresses are also attuned to account for the many embellishments and ornaments that supplement the actual dress. However, the dresses do not compromise on the ethnic touch of the occasion and the look.


Traditional Trends

Every Asian wedding is accustomed to having multiple events on multiple dates with a lot of fun and frolic. From the evening before the wedding to musical sessions and dressing-up preparations, an Asian wedding dress can be made a stellar success during every single one of these occasions. The wide range of designers and a massive collection of such ethnic wear specifically for these occasions is what sets us apart from others.

The sarees for the wedding, lehengas for the night of the wedding, salwar kameez for the evening before and phadnis for the sangeet session; a bride can find everything the traditional elements of every single one of these dresses, but with a fine touch of fashionable customization.


Stylish Accessories

No Asian wedding dresses are complete without the right amount of decked-up ornaments and accessories to go with the traditional wear. We got you covered in this case as well. A wide range of clutches and bags, bangles and bindis are available in our collection.

The jewellery happens to be the most critical element of every Asian wedding dress. Every necklace, jhumki, earring and nose ring is specially made for weddings and handed to the bride to wear during the ceremony. Of course, these are ceremonial wear and they have an element of traditional semblance. However, modern cuts and styles have now been incorporated into these items as well. Now, brides will look every more fashionable than they ever have been.

So there you have it. The dream of every Asian bride being fulfilled with just one pit stop at Knotify. Be it casual or chic, classic or graceful, you can find the right fit of Asian wedding dresses and ornaments at our Asian wedding directory. The elegance and exclusivity of the occasion is not lost on us. With a modern take on the concept of Asian weddings, we bring the most stylish and luscious and elegant wear that will make ever bride a style statement at her wedding.