Wedding Garlands

The appeal of flowers can enhance the ambience for any wedding, and this is all the more so with bespoke, handmade floral displays designed specifically for yourself. An important part of the marriage ceremony is the Varmala.

Varmala is a tradition from the past where a beautiful garland (Haar) of flowers symbolises an offer of marriage. In tradition but no longer the norm, once a girl attained a marriageable age, she would follow the tradition of Swayamvar. She would pick her life companion from a group of suitors by placing a flower garland around the neck of her chosen husband. The wife to be would have had made her choice, and a marriage ceremony would be held right away.

The ceremony of garlanding is one of the many rituals in an Asian wedding. When the groom garlands his wife, it is understood that he offers half of his spiritual energy to her. Likewise, when the bride garlands the groom, she too shares her spiritual energy with him. This exchange is said to mean the couple will uphold one another as gods in their heart and respect each other.

Flower Garland Practice In Worship

In Indian tradition, flower garlands are used as a token of respect and are commonly used in the temples to adorn the statues of their deities. Despite any flower can be used for worshipping any God, it is often understood that each God has His or Her own favourite flower and using them will bestow favour more easily.