In an Asian wedding, the one of the most important thing which we all seems to forget is a priest. The priest often called a ‘Maharaj’ in Indian Culture, they will carry out and rituals and perform religious ceremonies to bind you and your soulmate’s on your wedding day. A Priest not only has a great responsibility but also he has a great influence on setting the mood for everyone at the ceremony. Therefore you should choose wisely before booking the priest. When you start planning your wedding in the first place you actually find yourself in a handful of rituals especially when you are in Indian culture. Though everything is being shortcutted these days but the main ceremony will be the centre of attraction and plays a huge part for both the bride and groom and for your guests. Your well spoken Priest will ensure that every single guest is will engaged and is enjoying the day. Choosing the perfect priest is not an easy task.

Some tips and tricks to follow when you are finding the perfect priest:

  1. Have time in your hands: Here, even in UK, the good preferred priests are always booked well in advance especially in wedding season so make sure you book the one you like beforehand. Talk to your newly married friends and family or simply visit the nearby worship house for help.
  2. Communication is the only key: shortlist your priests’ name and communicate with them. Explain what type of ceremony you want or how are they gonna do it? Are they going to provide you a list for the ceremony or he will bring the items..choose the one who seems to be best for your requirements.
  3. Make a disaster plan: Make Contact with at least one more available priest for emergencies. Always try to hire the priest from your locality and at least he should be the one who is very easy to communicate.
  4. Engaging the guest: Wedding isn’t just for the groom and bride .. A highly skilled priest will engage all the guest with the various rituals and walk through the whole ceremony step by step. Everyone attending your wedding may not knows your regional language, therefore, your priest should be fluent in English to communicate with all.
  5. Create a wedding list: Make sure you ask your Maharaj to create a detailed list of all the things that is required for the actual wedding ritual, there should not a be any confusions on who is going to bring the items as some items may need to be provided.
  6. Set up a budget: When listing the products you should clarify your budget. Marriage differs even from family to family in this culture. If you don’t want any rituals for your wedding or add one or two You should mention this in your chat for better outcome…Do not try to leave such things for the last minute. But if you want to do it in a low budget short cut kind of way there is no need of a long list. Ask your priest to cut down as many items as he can. And always keep in mind a good priest comes with a pretty good price..
  7. Types of Priests: Indian culture is vast. There is Gujarati, Bengali, Marwari weddings. Everyone is different from others. A Tamil wedding generally starts in the early morning, a Bengali wedding occurs usually in the evening or even in late nights. It might sound obvious but a single priest is not meant for all kinds of different cultures. Always look for the one who comes from your culture and society – Asking newly married couples is always a good shout.
  8. It’s not just 1 day: Asian weddings are often more than just a one-day ceremony. It can often take place over multiple days. Some Indian rituals are required during the pre-wedding day. Hire a priest who is available in that time period. It is a spiritual affair of two respecting families. A good priest should be available throughout the different stages other than your wedding day. If you want a specific priest of your choice you can always book him before finalising your wedding date and venue.

Your wedding will be one to remember therefore there is no shame in admitting that you want every little thing perfect. Selecting your priest won’t be easy but hopefully, this guide will help you in selecting the right one for your big day.