Wedding venue location and date.

Might seem obvious but often this isn’t always the forefront when deciding on a wedding venue. Things to think about how close is the venue to your own location and immediate family, if you have your heart set on a specific venue would you be providing travel or would your guest more than likely need to book an overnight stay. The date that you have decided on for your big day, is this based on what date you can get your dream wedding venue or are you basing your venue on your chosen wedding day.

Venue licensed to carry out civil weddings.

In more recent times we have seen an increase in civil marriages being carried out on the same day as the religious ceremony, so when picking your Asian wedding venue this could be a factor to consider when deciding on your venue, not all venue’s hold a civil licence so always check this if this a non-negotiable. The added benefit of tieing in both ceremony on the same day means you can budget more effectively and for those who would like to reduce the number of events, this could be a perfect option.

Number of guests at your venue.

So after the numerous arguments with your immediate family hopefully you have a guest list, narrowing down your venue based on capacity will make your life so much easier when picking an Asian wedding venue, we suggest giving yourself a bit of room for extra guest just in case you decide to add more guests at a later stage. RSVP’s are a great way to be able to also find out a more accurate amount of guests that you potentially will need to cater for