Wedding Planners

It is often a worry for couples that a wedding planner is someone who comes in and takes over all the decisions surrounding their special day. Although it is often difficult to relinquish some control about one of the biggest days of your life, rest assured that wedding planners are not there to take over but rather, give you the help and support you need to make your day everything you wished it would be. Most brides love their weddings but hate the time and stress that goes into the planning; a wedding planner can unburden you from some of the stress so you can focus on enjoying the joyous time.

How Can A Wedding Planner Help?

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding that it is inevitable that something will be overlooked. Asian weddings, in particular, tend to involve a number of events which demands a greater level of organisation and planning. The key is planning well in advance; a wedding planner will have a catalogue of experience to deal with any issues that arise as well as having suggestions and tips that they have picked up along the way. They can help you get organised:


  • Keep a record of everything

You will inevitably collect leaflets, receipts and confirmations from venues, florists, photographers, caterers and the rest! To avoid misplacing important documents, your planner can create a wedding folder to keep a track of everything which will also help to track the wedding budget.


  • Set and stick to a budget

Wedding costs can soon spiral out of control with the average Asian wedding in the UK costing £50,000, compared to £21,000 for a British wedding. It is far too easy to lose control of a budget when considering multiple venues, outfits and caterers. A wedding planner can keep you grounded to avid drastic overspending.


  • Put some thought into the Guest List

You cannot even start to think about venues or caterers until you know how many people will be at each event. Asian weddings in particular tend to have never ending guest lists full of long forgotten relatives and family friends. A wedding planner can not only reign in the guest list but also be sure to plan the venues and caterers accordingly.


  • Get the timings right

Having someone to help you who has first-hand experience with Asian weddings means that they can help you to prioritise the seemingly endless list of things to do. Rome was not built in a day- there is no need to sort every detail on day one, starting with dates and venues they can take you through the process of arranging outfits and caterers down to the later details like make-up artists and venue decorators.


Why Hire An Asian Wedding Planner?

If the list above has not made you realise how time consuming and complicated planning an Asian wedding can be, just remember that is the tip of the iceberg. There are invitations to pick, cars to book and honeymoons to plan.

Expert advice and guidance can transform your wedding from a time of turmoil into a treat- it is a time to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones so less stress and more celebration!