Now that you are engaged it is time to start your preparation for your wedding day. Even if you are not to be wed for a year, it helps to be organised to ensure everything is perfect on the day.

Here is one that we have created that has proven to be very beneficial for brides, grooms and wedding planners.

1 Year before the wedding day

  • Choose a date for your wedding, making sure that there are no other big events on that day, check dates with immediate family and ensure that this date doesn’t clash with any other big events.
  • Things can go out of control so place a wedding budget in place, this will ensure you can afford everything that you wish for your wedding, prioritizing which items are necessities.
  • Create a guest list. Think carefully about who you and your family want at the wedding. Guests cost money so bear this in mind when deciding on your guest list.
  • Book your celebrant, they can often be booked in advance so if you have a specific person in mind its essential that you book early.
  • Once you have a list, think about your wedding venue. Visit various venues and treat it like purchasing a home, short list your requirements and see if you desired venue fits your needs.
  • Now the exciting bit, your outfit!
  • Send out ‘save the day’ cards to all your guests, making sure they do not double book.
  • Have a think about the sort of wedding you would like, whether it is to be traditional, modern or something completely out of the ordinary

6 months before the wedding day

  • Start shopping for wedding transport for you, your partner as well as those important guests.
  • Choose your honeymoon destination and make the travel arrangements. You will also need to change the name on your passport to your married name. But in most cases, if you travel with your marriage certificate this will suffice.
  • Shop for your shoes, make-up artists as well as the groom’s outfit.
  • Choose your wedding rings / bands together.
  • Search the market for wedding insurance.
  • Choose a trusted florist and discuss your colour scheme with them.
  • Sample some menus from various caterers.
  • Make your entertainment bookings – whether you want a band, singers, bhangra dancers or a DJ you will need to book them at least 6 months prior to the evening.
  • Book your photographer and videographer. Be sure to look at their portfolio and gain an idea of how you would like your wedding captured.
  • Send out the official wedding invites, keeping a track of who has confirmed.

3 months to go

  • Apply for your marriage license.
  • Book an appointment with your hairdresser for the morning of the wedding.
  • Finalise the details of the wedding ceremony, ensuring that decorations a, wedding favours and food plans are all inline.
  • Find a baker to create your wedding cake.

1 month until the big day

  • Create the musical itinerary, discussing with your partner what music should be played in what order
  • Arrange the seating plan. This may take a while but once it is done, everything will start slotting into place
  • Arrange your honeymoon, ensuring that you have the necessary time off work.
  • Finalise your cake design

Two weeks before

  • Finalise every fine detail with all of your suppliers, last minute hiccups can be detrimental to the overall success of your wedding.
  • Make sure all the speeches have been written and all speakers know when they are to take to the microphone.
  • Create a detailed plan for the day including every movement for all guests.

One week until you wedding day

  • Collect your dress and have your final hair and makeup rehearsal.
  • Pack for your honeymoon and pick-up any last minute travel essentials.

The night before

  • Greet your guests that may be arriving the night before.
  • Enjoy your sangeet or mehndi.

The long-awaited day is finally here!

With everything in place, it is now time to relax and enjoy your well-planned wedding.