An Asian wedding owes the essence of the occasion to the sanctity of tradition and reverence. And this sanctity is upheld by the scrumptious food that is served to all the guests who attend the wedding. Times have changed the menus of Asian weddings have also evolved over time, owing to these changes. A fusion of the western and oriental cultures has given rise to one very special element of all weddings: the wedding cake. Asian wedding cakes have now become a common sight with everyone enjoying and remembering the weddings because of the beauty and elegance of the cake. The Asian weddings of this era are fine tuned to accommodate these stylish, artistic cakes and decorations. At Knotify, you can now find Asian wedding cakes are now a sublime mix of gourmet taste and an ecstatic sight for the eyes.


Baking Beauty

Asian wedding cakes have a very recent origin. Not long ago, the centrepiece of the enter affair was the lunch and dinner or meal where the wedded pair would host close friends and family. Nowadays, owing to a more liberal outlook, the wedding cake has found a firm place in Asian weddings. Be it cupcakes for the visitors or a five tiered butterscotch iced cake with golden designs, the Asian wedding is incomplete without it.

The more the beauty of the design and the icing, the better is the cake’s success among the visitors. A couple can now customise the decorative nature of the cake to the extent that miniature figures of the bride and groom can be created out of eatable clay and placed beautifully on the cake. Our catalogue of Asian wedding cakes should suffice to give you a better picture.


Petite Preparation

The Asian wedding cakes are made to order and come with a lot of handy little tools. From eatable flowers and petals to LED lighting and grand stands, the cake more often than not steals the show. A wide range of cake makers and decorators can now be found on Knotify, your one and only Asian wedding directory.

But the ethnicity and tradition of the occasion is not lost upon the organisers. One can find halal cakes, eggless cakes and vegetarian cakes among the many types of wedding cakes on offer. The couple can determine the elegance of the cake, make it a bespoke one or even stylise it into a luxury or celebrity cake. All of this and more can be made available by the wedding cake designers.


So there you have it. The dream of every Asian bride being fulfilled with just one pit stop at Knotify. Like we said earlier, the centrepiece of the entire affair is often the food that is served. With a specific Asian wedding cake made to perfection and designed by the couples themselves is brought to the front, everyone is bound to enjoy this sensualist delicacy item. After all, it’s the taste that stays for ever. So if you have a wedding coming up, and it’s an Asian wedding cake you need, look no further.